MECH6406 - Fundaments of Polymers and Soft Matter

This graduate-level course covers the fundamentals of polymers and other soft matter, which are increasingly under consideration for emerging engineering applications such as lightweight, soft robotics, biomedical devices, smart materials, and flexible electronics. It presents the various classifications (polymers, gels, foams, biological media etc) of soft matter, and their fundamentals, their common synthesis routes, their associated structure-processing-property relationships, and their engineering applications.

MECH3409 - Machine Element Design

Introduces methodology for mechanical design of components. It discusses topics including design for static and dynamic loads, failure analysis. fatigue, component design and selection for materials and machine elements, e.g. threaded joints, springs, gears, belt, chain, bearings, etc.

ENG2003 - Effective Engineering Communications 

Students learn to effectively employ communication strategies essential to a successful engineering career, including the social, rhetorical, ethical, and practical aspects of professional communications. The focus is on building individuals confidence and judgment through communications assignments based on case studies.

ENG1101 - Introduction to Renaissance Engineering

Who is an engineer and what are his/her ethical and academic integrity obligations; communications strategies for technical subjects in oral and written forms; dealing with ambiguity, uncertainties, and open ended problems in a technical context, problem definition strategies.