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Recent publications in refereed journals:

  1. Namdari, N., Otto, G. J., Guo, G., Sojoudi, H., & Rizvi, R. (2022). Nanotextured surfaces with enhanced ice-traction and wear-resistance. Composites Part B: Engineering238, 109916.
  2. Ahmed, S., Arabha, S., Gonzalez, R. I., & Rizvi, R. (2022). Interactions of Gas Particles with Graphene during High-Throughput Compressible Flow Exfoliation: A Molecular Dynamics Simulations Study. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.
  3. Mohammadian, B., Namdari, N., Abou Yassine, A. H., Heil, J., Rizvi, R., & Sojoudi, H. (2021). Interfacial phenomena in snow from its formation to accumulation and shedding. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science294, 102480.
  4. Namdari, N., Rasel, S., Abdul Halim, B. N., Hossain Bhuiyan, M. E., Sojoudi, H., & Rizvi, R. (2021). Universal Strain Energy-Mediated Dynamic Porosity in Physically Networked Elastomers and Their Applications. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces13(19), 22987-22999.
  5. Namdari, N., Sojoudi, H., & Rizvi, R. (2020). Stimuli responsive optical polymers through omnidirectional and reconfigurable porosity. Polymer210, 123041.
  6. Guo, G., Li, Y., Zhao, X., & Rizvi, R. (2020). Tensile and longitudinal shrinkage behaviors of polylactide/wood‐fiber composites via direct injection molding. Polymer Composites41(11), 4663-4677.
  7. Namdari, N., Mohammadian, B., Jafari, P., Mohammadi, R., Sojoudi, H., Ghasemi, H., & Rizvi, R. (2020). Advanced functional surfaces through controlled damage and instabilities. Materials Horizons7(2), 366-396.
  8. Rasel, S., Bhatkar, O., Smith, D., Kowal, M. D., Anderson, M., Rizvi, R., & Kaner, R. B. (2019). Self-assembled functionally graded graphene films with tunable compositions and their applications in transient electronics and actuation. ACS applied materials & interfaces11(26), 23463-23473.
  9. Rizvi, R., Nguyen, E. P., Kowal, M. D., Mak, W. H., Rasel, S., Islam, M. A., ... & Kaner, R. B. (2018). High‐throughput continuous production of shear‐exfoliated 2D layered materials using compressible flows. Advanced Materials30(30), 1800200.